1st Extemporaneous Painting Competition "VOLOEVENTO"

"Voloevento", as part of the homonymous event to be held on the Amerino Highlands on june, 30  and  july 1st -2nd 2017, organizes an extemporaneous painting competition  - free tecnique, with zero admission fee, open to all. The competition is regulated as follows.

1 - The pictorial theme is "Flight and Wind".
2 - The contest will take place on  July 2nd, 2017 (Sunday) in Melezzole, Montecchio municipality. The meeting point at 10 a.m. is at the coffee bar close the main entrance at the end of the access way. The contest will start at 10:30 a.m., wil have a first stop at 1 p.m. for a quick lunch at a close location and will start again at 2:30 ending at 6 p.m.
3 - During the session, the competitors will have a mobile phone number to call for any need.
4 - The candidates must provide everything they need to perform their work (including the stand).
5 - Participants must submit their membership via the entry form that can be downloaded by clicking on the "Contest pittura>To Take Part" link and send it   to pittura@voloevento.com or sending to the sama mail address the info hereunder stated.
6 - By submitting the entry form contestants fully accept the content of this Regulation.
7 - The competition provides a first prize of €. 500 and a second prize of €. 300 and a third one of €. 200. The winners will be chosen by a qualified  commission  and rewarded in a future day date will be communicated at the end of the work day. The commission will motivate the reasons why winning pictures have been selected. Unprized painters will be given a special participation medal.
8 - The winning paintings will remain the property of Voloevento.
9 - Participants are allowed to bring a maximum of two painting to be shown in the special show organised locally for the contest day, along with proper stands.
10 - For any request for information please address to info@voloevento.com.
11 - Participants will be asked to exibit a valid id document, included driving permit.